Nurbek Batulla, teacher, dancer, choreographer. Laureate of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask" 2018 in the nomination "ballet / contemporary dance, male role" (play "Alif. Call of the Beginning"). Laureate of the Musa Jalil Prize in 2019 for the choreographic performance in "Alif. The Call of the Beginning. " Finalist of the competition for young choreographers, winner of the Audience Choice Prize and the Award for the best dancer of the Context festival. Diana Vishneva 2020. Graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in St. Petersburg with a degree in drama and cinema.

Participated in the YATEATR.rf Laboratory (Moscow), taught by Andrey Berezin (Tanztheater Wuppertal) and Manuel Ronda (Ultima Vez, RootLessRoot), in the Russian-German theatre project "Impro-Drama" (taught by Anastasia Kadrulyova and Evgeny Gerain). Participant of the international contemporary dance festival Ballet Beyond Borders (USA).

As part of the creative association "Alif" he is a resident of the theatre platform MOÑ (Kazan).

Nurbek Batulla

Nafs (Ego) is an interdisciplinary project that combines national music, contemporary choreography, visual arts and digital technologies.

A powerful plastic philosophical statement, based on the ancient Tatar poetic work "Kyissai Yosif" ("History of Joseph"), continues the line of choreographic works of the festival, created outside the traditional stage space. The plot is based on the biblical and Islamic legend of Joseph the Beautiful (in Islam - Yusuf).

The performance is accompanied with live music (percussion, sitar, vocals). In addition to dancers and musicians, in the show there is going to be a calligrapher, drawing throughout the entire show, and also 3D mapping technologies are going to be used.

Nafs (Ego) show