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Homo habilis — Homo erectus — Homo ergaster — Homo sapiens. Handy man — Upright man — Working man — Wise man.

Have we moved that far from these stages? Perhaps they are all hidden inside us. Who knows, maybe we are even moving back to primitiveness ... Primordial origin and modernity, animal world and civilization, sensuality and reason - the line between oppositions is thin and artificial.

Choreographic monologue, directed by Pavel Glukhov and performed by Vasko Nasonov,

explores the stages of development of a human as an anthropological species, and erases cultural facets, created by humanity in an attempt to isolate itself from its own nature.
Pavel Glukhov, dancer, choreographer. 2020 nominee for the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" for best choreography (production of "The Mirror"). Finalist of the Competition for Young Choreographers at the Context Festival. Diana Vishneva 2016 and winner of the first ever People's Choice Award (for the production of "Object T.E.L.O").

Winner of the Mind and Movement laboratory, conducted by the Context festival Diana Vishneva in collaboration with Wayne McGregor's studio ("Light in November" production). He created productions of "Paths", UFO, "When Dad was Little" for the festival.

Created the "Mirror", "Medusa's raft" and "Arrrr" productions for the dance company of the Voronezh Chamber Theatre. As a choreographer he collaborated with the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Boris Eifman Ballet Academy, Olga Pona's Chelyabinsk contemporary dance theatre.

Winner of the Soul of Dance prize, multiple participant of the Russian contemporary dance festivals Open Look and On the Verge, laureate of the French-Russian competition DansePlatForma. Choreographer of a promo video created for the renewed style of the Context.Diana Vishneva festival.

In 2020, he choreographed the video project "2020", with Diana Vishneva starring in the main part.

"Paper man" show