The Buffoon. Schaherezade

Author of libretto and choreography:
Alexey Miroshnichenko
Music director:
Artem Abashev
Set designer:
Alyona Pikalova
Costume designer:
Tatyana Noginova
Lighting designer:
Alexey Khoroshev
Assistant set designer:
Svetlana Nechayeva
Science consultant:
Lana Rawandi-Fadai
Empress Farah Pahlavi:
Diana Vishneva

Marcelo Gomez
The "Schaherezade" ballet was inspired by the unique Eastern culture. It tells a story of the life of one of the most amazing women of the XX century - the last empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi. The ballet was staged by choreographer Alexei Miroshnichenko specially for Diana Vishneva.

The choreographer partnered with his permanent co-authors. Set designer Alyona Pikalova virtuously introduced documentary objects and objects of Iranian art into the scenery. Costume designer Tatyana Noginova masterfully reflected the spirit of the era and the mood of its heroes. And the lighting design by Alexey Khoroshev creates an imaginary world on the border between reality and a fairy tale - for this work Alexey was awarded the Golden Mask prize in 2020.

Ballet featuring Diana Vishneva, inspired by the culture of the East.
Mohammed Reza-Shah Pahlavi:

Context. Russian program: The Buffoon. Schaherezade
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

Denis Savin
One of the leading Russian choreographers
working in the neoclassical style.
In 2009-2020, Alexey Miroshnichenko headed
the ballet company of the Perm academic
Tchaikovsky Opera and ballet theater.
For the Perm company, he staged the ballets
" Daphnis and Chloe "(2010) Ravel, " variations on
a Rococo theme "(2011) to the music of Tchaikovsky's
instrumental composition of the same name,
" the Jester "(2011) by Prokofiev, " the Blue bird and
Princess Florina "(2014)
to the music of Adan," Conditionally killed " by Shostakovich
(2015), new edition of Tchaikovsky's Swan lake
(2015), Prokofiev's Cinderella (2016),
Stravinsky's "Firebird" (2017), Tchaikovsky's" Nutcracker "
(2017), Minkus's" Bayadere "(2018),
Rimsky-Korsakov's" Scheherazade " (2019).
The artistic strategy of the Perm ballet,
which Alexey Miroshnichenko implements,
has been highly appreciated by the professional
community more than once: two special prizes Of the national
theater award "Golden Mask" - the project
"To see music" (2012, "for searching in modern
choreography") and the project "towards Diaghilev"
(2013,"for restoring the Diaghilev repertoire").