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CLUB 418
Intellectual Club 418, a cultural institution founded in 2013 by Irina Kudrina and Nadezhda Obolentseva, operates and develops educational programs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Club's events include lectures and creative meetings with reputable speakers, concerts, theater and film premieres, vernissages and excursions in both cultural capitals. The club also organizes field events and visits to the most iconic events of the country and the world and allows you to get access to truly unique cultural events. In five seasons of existence the Club "418" went beyond a private club, what was intended initially, and turned into a full-fledged cultural platform, while retaining its intimacy: the Club consists of a limited number of stakeholders to be at the epicenter of the cultural life of the two capitals. Over the years of the 418 club's existence, Konstantin Bogomolov, Diana Vishneva, Andrey Konchalovsky, Pavel Lungin, Yuri Norstein, Leonid Parfenov, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Irina Prokhorova, Kirill Serebrennikov, Alexander Sokurov, Sergey Solovyov, Alexey Uchitel, Tatyana Chernihiv, Sergey Yastrzhembsky and many others have become its lecturers and friends.